Sunday, November 09, 2008


My band, The Bakersfield Prison Philarmonic, are in the studio at the moment. Let me tell you, it's been good bouncing off each other to make the music, but my job as band leader is becoming increasingly difficult. 

For a start, its really difficult to come up with vocal melodies. I know I should start with that but the chemistry between the band is so good that we work on the music first and those songs sound so good that I have to put the melodies to the music, which is a difficult way of working. Should I be just writing the lyrics and the melody comes after? Well, we'll see.

Tracklisting so far is:

Advanced Knife Skills
Dial S Twice For The St. John Smythe
An Increase In Positive Mass
Taking The Bridge Is Our Only Chance Of Safety

I will make a crude videos for a couple of songs to upload them soon, as it appears you can only upload videos and not music to blogger.