Monday, March 31, 2008


For a moment yesterday we become 'one of those people'. Usually we play competitive football of a Sunday, but due to only having one game left and a pre-booked pitch, Seb, Bernie, Paul & I decided to have what is commonly known as a kickabout. But when there's only 4 of you you have to make up the numbers somehow. And we had to be the ones making up the numbers by luring a load of Arabs and Kosovans into a game with our pre-booked pitch.

The problem is that having invited loiterers to play for us on a number of occasions, we should know full well that a) loitering around parks for a game is the lowest form of past time,and b) loiterers are undoubtedly terrible at football, because they can't get into a team.

I swore I would never ask to join a game, but we had to do it yesterday and for that I am slightly ashamed.

Saying that, that's how we met Leon.

P.S. I must add that this isn't the most exciting thing that happened in my life in the last 2/3 weeks. But the other important things are private, I won't write about them here, namely:

1. ██ █████████ ██████ ██████

2. ███████ ███ █████ ████

Hopefully these things will be public knowledge soon. Meanwhile I will work on my next film, if only my muse can be available for shooting. Those are technical terms.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My first foray into movie making is above. I'm not mad on it but you have to start somewhere. The next one will have a theme and fades and shit. Starring Adrian, Alex, Chez, Owen, Alfie, Dave and maybe a couple of others. Don't tell Weezer I used their song.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Seven days of dinner

Meat & veg

No effort

All in the oven


Ate too much


What Nikki would have had. You missed out there dear.

Saturday, March 01, 2008