Thursday, October 11, 2007


Finally some music to share again (I'm actually planning on something good for next year, but we'll see if it happens or not).

After the solo album by Dustin Kensrue earlier this year, with a track from that in an earlier post, Thrice have returned. But not in a normal way, which seems to be the case for a lot of bands these days. Instead of putting out one album, Thrice are releasing four EPs each based on a different element, all under the title of The Alchemy Index. The first two, Fire & Water are out next week and the song below is from Water.

Apparently they all sound like the element they come from, if you understand that. It all sounds extremely pretentious, but if there's one thing I love it's pretentious progressive rock.

Anyhoo, Digital Sea is a cross between Red Sky from the last album Vheissu and the Dustin Kensrue solo songs. I think it's pretty good.

MP3: Thrice - Digital Sea

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