Friday, August 31, 2007


I've never claimed to be a hipster, or scenester as they are known in London, but I certainly do possess some traits. Working in East London I see them every day. Ok, it's not quite Williamsburg or the East Village, but it's as close as you can get in this country. But who came up with the trends anyway?

Anyhoo, this little video is extremely funny if you've ever dabbled in hipsterdom.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It's amazing what a couple of pints and a bad joke about a Portuguese footballer can lead to. Here are some of the old time players you never knew about:

Eddie Herring - Goalkeeper. In the days before modern keepers wore gloves, Herring was a pioneer. In order to protect his soft hands, he wore oven gloves. And not separate ones, but ones which were attached to each other. The was fine because this was before keepers waved their arms around.

Sir Edmund Pilchard - Centre Back & Captain. Little else is know about Sir Edmund, except that he always smoked a pipe.

Bread McMuffin - Midfield hard man. McMuffin once broke a player's leg in every home game of the 1946-47 season. All continued to play the entire 90 minutes. The good old days.

Frankie Chicken - Lightning fast winger. Died in an abbatoir after being mistaken for an actual chicken.

Sir Archibald 'Pelican' Roberts - Striker. People who hear the legend of Pelican Roberts believe he was so called just because his mouth was a bit big. What the don't realise is that he actual put the ball in his mouth and then released it when he was over the goal line. Scored 89 goals in the 1936-37 season for Ayr United. A law was passed soon after to prevent this happening. He became a landlord in Fife after he retired.

Tom Crust - Striker. Crust played with Pelican Roberts at Ayr. His chief role in the team was to loft the ball into Pelican Roberts' mouth.

God bless them all.

Johnathan Rice's new album Further North comes out in September. I haven't got an mp3 of the first single but here's the video and witty press conference.

Video: Johnathan Rice - We're All Stuck Out In The Desert (normal left click link)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Why blog? It's a question that's been raised by a cohort, especially considering it's been over amonth since my last missive.

Well, firstly it was to amuse people, then it was to rant about things, and recently it was to post cool music. So why not all? Hmm hmm? Exactly. The problem is that usually when I feel a rant coming on it's either expelled on an email to a friend or it's not for the ears and eyes of the public - names may be able to be changed to protect the innocent, but the guilty can work it all out.

So as I sit here watching V Festival highlights and nursing what I'm diagnosing as tonsillitis, I feel a rant coming on.

Why has 'Just Jack' (if that is his real name) just proclaimed V as the last big festival of the summer? Reading is next week. And I feel sorry for the poor buggers who stood through his entire set before they heard Stars In His Eyes last. He could have played it first so people could go off and have a hog roast sandwich.

Also, the advert for Kate Nash's album says it is 'the most exciting discovery of 2007'. To who? People who eat bread and water all day long?

And finally, why is that when I type an inoccuous word like 'why' into google image search for a quirky picture, the third picture is of Lily Allen? You can't get away from faux chavs these days. To object, I will invest in a tweed jacket.

But enough of that. Minus The Bear's new album comes out on Monday and it will be brilliant. The first single (ie one they made a video for) is called Knights and they've put it up for download, throught Spin Magazine.