Monday, January 30, 2006


Friday night was spent at the Astoria seeing Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is...

Then for some reason we ended up in the dressing room with the bands, drinking their rider, and then someone brought in champagne, so that was quaffed. I was then told off for going into Panic!'s dressing room when they were having a meeting and I had a conversation with Academy's drummer (Andy) about Night Nurse whilst standing on a sofa.

Then a small goose chase ensued to go to the aftershow where I tried to teach two american girls to say 'Fish Fingers' in an english accent.

Oh, and both bands were awesome. Panic! At The Disco will be big.

If I took my camera, I could have taken a photo. so above is a random shot.

Friday, January 06, 2006


It took until 5pm Christmas Day before I wanted to go home. But I had to wait 40 hours for my wish to come true.

New Year's Eve provided us with Chester's fantastic home made soup. Morgo helped, but it feel it was Chester's baby.

And then the painting started. running out of paint during the final wall before the holes were filled in fuelled the fire for this little installation. I call it 'Cock' and it will feature exclusively at the Hughes Gallery until Sunday 8th January. Seeing is believing so I urge you to see it as quickly as possible.

Album wars: The Strokes vs We Are Scientists.
Strokes - good clothes, We Are Scientists - bass player has moustache
Strokes - need better songs, W.A.S. - have good songs, some great

Winner: We Are Scientists