Friday, June 27, 2008


My computer broke. I'm thinking about getting a new one. I suppose I'll need one when I don't have a job. I might get a Mac. Anyone know someone selling a Mac?

So while we wait, here are some things I've been enjoying:

Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Weezer - Red Album
Seinfeld Series 8
Jacques by Strongbow
Euro 2008
The Beatles (early songs, mid-late fashion)
Adam & Joe podcasts
Any old Peep Show
Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey

Monday, June 09, 2008


Something good on the worldwide internet is The Onion AV Club's Random Rules. I've also seen some random types do random rules too. They aren't musicians but for people who know them I'm sure it's interesting.

Basically, you put your ipod on shuffle and talk about, say, 5 songs that come up at random.

So here goes; I just hope Fefe Dobson doesn't come up.

1. The Chris Moon Group - My Love Is Over
I got this from a great blog called Headfonehaus. I only came across it as I was trying to find an album called Mom's Apple Pie (by Mom's Apple Pie) which apparently had a really rude cover. It was basically a drawing of a woman holding (you guessed it) an apple pie, but there was a segment cut out and in it was what is meant to be a woman's nether parts. It is banned, probably more for the music which is basically 70s boogie rock. Actually it's not that bad. I don't know what The Chris Moon Group sound like so I'll have a quick listen. It's not bad; Chris Moon has a gravelly voice and he is pictured on the cover with his shirt off. Very 70s.

2. AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Wonderful song. Obviously this is latter day AC/DC when there is only one good song on each album as opposed to two. I think this may have been the first AC/DC song I heard. I believe the video has Angus Young on a glass stage and the drummer is angry and bald. I'm trying to go to one massive gig a year and I'm hoping that next year will be AC/DC. You can't get AC/DC songs on iTunes so I had to find the artwork myself. (NB You can't get The Chris Moon Group anywhere but that artwork came with the download) THUNDER etc

3. Queens Of The Stone Age - Tension Head
Probably not the best song on Rated R, but it is sung by Nick Oliveri and has the line 'hustling little girls'. I was always into Kyuss but didn't hear QOTSA until I was playing pool in the basement of a hostel in either Buffalo or Philadelphia. Buffalo was the dead town and in Philadelphia we got a lift back to our hostel from a bar by a guy who had had considerably more to drink than we had.

4. Tool - Aenema (live form 1998)
One of a load of Tool bootlegs I have that my brother got for me. Strangely the best Tool gig I've seen was at Wembley Arena from the 2nd 10,000 Days tour. It was Wings that made that with the lasers. One of the great gig moments. I'm proud to say I've been into Tool since about 1994 (or was it earlier) when I saw them at the Astoria on the Undertow tour. They're one of the few bands who still uphold an integrity in what they do. Great packaging, albums as a piece of work, no radio edits, arty videos. Tool don't do things by halves.

5. Tomahawk - Rape This Day
Mike Patton is a strange one. Moments of incredible genius, and moments of utter gibberish. Angel Dust is probably one of the most inventive and important rock albums of the 90s. Yet the latest Tomahawk album is toss, and don't get me started on Pranzo Oltranzista. I think it may be the only album I've taken back. Usually you say it's an unwanted gift but I just said it was awful. I don't need to hear him eating an apple over squealing saxophones. This Tomahawk song is great. I think it had a video starring Nick Oliveri.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


A few days ago I dreamt that an old friend, who was then a real shit to me at school, was a pop star with a heroin past (he does have a heroin past) and I bumped into him and he asked me to get him a drink. For some reason I did and didn't mention any of the terrible things he did to me, but after it was over I tried to get back to the beginning of the dream so I could tell him what I thought of him but I woke up and I was annoyed that I had no backbone (not literally).