Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Having thought about the whole mp3 blogging thing, I can now reveal that I will take my first steps into the medium right now. I can either have some of my own up courtesy of Mr Linacre or I can just link back to other songs I know are available free (legitimately or otherwise).

MINUS THE BEAR - Dr. L'Ling (mp3)

Minus The Bear are a band I bought the CD of when I was in America last year. I only bought it because I couldn't find the Protest The Hero album. Some people would describe them as 'Math-Rock' but that doesn't really describe them. Their previous album, Menos El Oso is an amazing piece of work. The video for Pachuca Sunrise is evidence of this below.

Dr. L'Ling is the first song to be released from their forthcoming third (?) album Planet Of Ice, which is out in August. It confused me a bit because the song's title looks remarkably like Drilling of the previous album (and they've done a remix album)

That was far too much information. Just take the song and watch the video.

Or you can keep it from this link and if you like it have the mp3

Monday, April 23, 2007


I've been getting heavily into the mp3 blogs that are scattered around the interweb. It's a great way of hearing another track from a n album that isn't the single. And it appears the record companies (with the exception of Domino regarding Arctic Monkeys) don't mind that this happens. It also lets you have a clearer conscience on finding free music, without resorting to bit torrents and such like.

I, however, do not know how to create such a blog as it appears you need to host the files somewhere and I wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble.

I have however found out that you can imbed youtube clips into a webpage. So I'll just do that instead.