Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One week into my new life and this is what I have to say: What do women talk about?

There's about 230 people, about 200 are women and about 30 are men. No one has met anyone before (or so we assume) and they all arrive randomly to a location for the same time. The only thing they have in common is that they are there for the same reason (which they all know). After two hours, some of the women have divided into twos, threes and fours. Then men are pretty much all together. The next day, some of the women are arriving together, having lunch together and talking continuously, whereas the men will still have lunch in threes or fours. 

By then end of day three, the women are in their groups of three and four and are pretty much inseparable.

I like to think of myself as affable although I don't approach people unless I have something to say and small talk is something I find very hard to do without shared subject knowledge. But I can in no way talk to someone I've just met for the amount of time that these women have. What are they talking about?

I can only conclude that either women are friendlier to each other than men are, or they have more in common with each other. Men like football (some do), music (but there are different types) and women (but not all do). I won't talk to people about women unless I know them very well, so that leaves music and football. And that can only last so long.

Or maybe they like to judge people on their personality and not their appearance, like me. For shame.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I can't go in the bathroom. The floor looks (and feels) like treacle. There's a small piece of wood to lean to when I attempt a bath later this evening. God this is becoming a bind. As the Americans would say, 'just finish already'.

Currently re-hooked on Little Steven's Underground Garage. I especially like the little film clips inbetween the songs and then something brilliant like Last Train To Clarksville kicks in. I can just about let him off playing Elvis Costello and the Sex Pistols. I don't hate Elvis Costello like I do the Sex Pistols, I just can't get into him. It's the voice I think. As for the Pistols, well I accept how important they were, but Black Flag and the Germs were doing it without ever really knowing about what was going on in London, Black Flag especially. If you want to learn about making a statement against the then current life in the late 70s/early 80s watch American Hardcore.

So now Curbishley has gone as well (as well as Keegan who hasn't gone). I think these managers are a little quick to jump ship just because they don't get their way. So what if one of your players got sold. Who do you think you are? Chelsea? Man City? The problem with it is that the managerial merry-go-round continues. No one gets a chance these days so it'll be some Frenchman or other we've never heard of or whoever's been out of work for the last few months (Big Sam?). What's come out of this latest transfer window is that football clubs are becoming so close to actual businesses rather than how football clubs used to be run. In any other business you wouldn't consult your team manager if you wanted to bring someone in, nor would you care if you had to lay someone off for monetary reasons. But what do I know, I hate business.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Shit, completely forgot to wax lyrical about the transfer deadline.

Berbatov - Well that always ended up how it was going to, but nice one Spurs for making them sweat and pay what they asked for. Frazier Campbell for a season loan means sod all in terms of money value. But Spurs got over £30m and a backup striker. So they win. And well done Man City for trying to scupper the move (although that may be the end of Mark Hughes becoming United manager - but most people said that when he joined City). Personally, if I was Sir Alex, at 23.30 I would have just said "Sod it, let's just get Owen for £4m". But it seems not all people like him.

Robinho - Well well well. Two points to make here. 
1) Does he know where he's going? I'm sure he does; I'm also sure he's getting paid £120k a week too. Yes they are in Europe and yes Ronaldinho went to Barca when they weren't even in Europe, but that was Barca. I just don't want him to piss off when this season doesn't work out exactly as planned.
2) I also hope these new owners get all shirty when City don't finish fourth. It took Chelsea a few seasons to get in the 'elite'. Thaksin made zero friends when he sacked Sven so Doctor Whatshischops will make even less if Sparky gets the boot for Guus Hiddink or Frank Rijkaard or whoever they're willing to pay for.

But the upshot of all this is that both Villa and City have made serious in roads to the 'Top 4'. We may see a change in heirarchy soon. And why not? It's only been like this for a few years. Before there was Liverpool and Everton, Newcastle etc. Every club is one investor away from the top 4. Shit, QPR have enough cash now to buy the Champions League.

Anyway, no one will care about any of this if England lose to Croatia and limp past Andorra.


I take back what I said; I now do like the new Metallica song. And Cyanide, the other new one. The video is here. It helps when you see them playing it. And if I've read the email correspondence properly, I should be seeing them on 15th. Nice.

As well as Ryan blogging about his current tour, Noel is too. 

College starts tomorrow. Apprehension isn't as rife as it should be. I remember being the most anxious (body anxious, not just mind anxious) before I was about to go to university. But I suppose that was when I was leaving home for the first time aged 18, and now I'm 30 and have been living alone for 2 1/2 years. I bought a nice red paper file type thing, and stuck a Revelation Records sticker on it - Hardcore. Maybe I still am 18.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Does Deborah Meaden (or however you spell it) invest in anything? Or should I say, does she ever say - I like this. I'm going to invest. I don't watch Dragon's Den religiously but as far as I've seen she only invests when someone else wants to so she doesn't look stupid. So, in my opinion, she's the shrewdest 'Dragon'.

Best songs in the world right now:
Slipknot - Sulphur
Three Dog Night - One (Apple advert I know)
Anything by The MC5

The Verve album isn't that good, but it's only had one listen.

As much as enjoy having baths every night, it really is eating into my telly/film time. Yes, I can now watch TV from the bath but my glasses steam up from the hot water. So roll on the shower being fitted. The tiles look nice, even without grouting. And as soon as it's done it's time to move out.

Other things to enjoy:
Apples & Raisins