Monday, September 24, 2007


Wouldn't life be so much better if it was like a Wes Anderson film? You could say exactly what you wanted with no real consequence, angry people would be so without showing too much emotion and somehow, although with a little tragedy, everyone would end up okay.

I am currently obsessed with the trailer for his new film The Darjeeling Limited. So much so that I now want to grow a moustache (again), constantly wear a light suit and get some old man pyjamas. I love the detail thaat the pyjamas they're wearing have The Darjeeling Limited embroided on the pockets (as it is the name of the train they are on).

The film isn't even out and I'm guessing it will be the greatest film ever.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


How did a band that were as good as Blink 182 (yes, I like them and their last album was very good considering they went serious after 4 albums of nob gags) produce two bands so mediocre with 3 good songs between them? I just watched the new Angels & Airwaves video to their song Everything's Magic and, quite frankly, it's rubbish. Their first album was pretty poor too with only The Adventure and the last 30 seconds of Valkyrie Missile being worthwhile. And have you seen the cover to their new album? It would be brilliantly genius if you didn't know that Tom DeLonge is deadly serious in thinking he can take over the world.

So that's them, and Plus 44 are pretty bog standard too. The singles were good straight up rock songs but the rest of the album has not one tune on it.

I'm not saying Blink 182 were the Beatles but there's a certain good together shit apart like Lennon and McCartney thing going on here. I had high hopes for these two, but I've given up. The moral of the story is that if you started playing pop punk, stay playing pop punk (exception Green Day), or just stop. It was a fad, like nu metal, unless you had a serious edge to your sound from the offset like Bad Religion or Pennywise.

Anyway make up your own minds on Tom DeLonge's manifesto.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The hotel we stayed in in Katelios had a bunch of CDs but only seemed to play 3. One was a power ballad compilation which played two songs in a row by Roxette, two ina row by Bon Jovi, two in a row by Bryan Adams and then one by Meat Loaf. The next was a live Greek album which included a song called Spastica. The final one was the most bizarre. It featured well known songs such as I Shot The Sheriff, One Step Beyond, Blue Hotel and Wonderwall, but with Greek lyrics and completely different melodies. Maybe by Demis Roussos, but maybe not.

No music just yet, but here's a photo diary in 8 parts.