Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The perils of being single. Well not the perils exactly, but the pitfalls of being the only 'bachelor' amongst my close friends. Coincidentally all of whose names start with A. Mystical.

The options for going out are slowly diminishing. Others are drifting towards a world of dinner parties, Heals and quiet weekends.

So what to do. The amount of single friends in my life is now so small that I might need new friends. But that would be rude. And no one has parties anymore. They're buying houses, but there are a lack of house warmings. Damn you all to Hades.

Some people seem to find it easier to flit in and out of relationships. But it's fucking hard. I am, in my own humble opinion, quite cool, not bad looking and pretty funny. But I am a complete amateur when it comes to dating, as the Americans say. Let us take the examples of the last two; both in limbo, although I think one has run. I had two great dates with Miss A and the second ended in an amorous clinch. I foolishly rushed to organmise the third date, a day date. Although it wasn't a horror, it certainly wasn't as good as the previous two. Got a bit nervous you see and clammed up. So since then Miss A has been decidedly frosty. I think she has now gone the way of being distant in relation to correspondence with an aim to severing contact. Shame, she was great.

Miss B, I have seen twice with no amorous clinches. The correspondence is thick and warm, without any real sign of flirtatious advancement. Maybe she will change her views. Third time's the charm I hear. She's also great.

But apart from that, the avenues are non existent.

A glossary of terms can be found in most good bookshops.

The head will be cleared after the holiday.