Tuesday, August 19, 2008


With less than two weeks before the new life starts, I have still got things to do. As with everything I do, one thing has to finish before the next starts, multi-tasking (so long business speak) is not my forte. So as I wait for a sofa to be delivered, instead of doing the tasks or reading some textbooks, I am watching cycling at an angle from a freshly moved sofa. 

The flat will look great but I won't be experiencing it.

But three tasks in a week and a half won't be tricky. As long as I do them.

I am obsessed with that 100m final on Saturday. I didn't see it live as I was in a church. First time we've seen locals out the front of a church as we, the guests, went in. Not sure if they were there at the end as we went out the back and it was raining pretty hard by then. But that Usain Bolt is amazing. Every time I watch it I feel like I'm watching some sort of superhuman. How fast can a man actually run? But I don't think he's as fast over 200m. Michael Johnson's record will stay, maybe.