Thursday, April 29, 2010


Fuck it let's make it a diary. I don't intend to write here a lot and I will undoubtedly go days and weeks without posting, but from now on if something is on my mind, or I want to not visit Facebook (how are people not addicted to it - maybe they have people to talk to), I will write something.

So in age old fashion, let's do it as a list.

1. Watched Synth Britannia programme and have been listening to New ORder, Depeche Mode and strangely the new/latest Editors album. I dismissed it initially but there's 4 really god songs on there. For a 9 track album,that isn't a bad return.

2. Sometimes you get excited about an album that's about to come out. You liked the previous one. Then you liked it more. Then you heard they were bringing out a new one and you get into the old one more. Then you get into the first song and it grows and grows until you're playing it on repeat really loud and the album is still a month or so away. Then you feel like this new album, that you haven't heard yet, could be very important to you. It could be the album that changes you.

At the moment I feel like that with The Gaslight Anthem. While The '59 Sound was good, it did have the song The '59 Sound which is one of the best songs ever made. It's in the top 20, maybe the top 10 (a list that changes but needs to be made). It could be amazing this new one. But do albums ever live up to the expectation? It will either be not good enough and therefore a disappointment or you'll think initially it's the best thing ever, much like many did with Be Here Now and 21st Century Breakdown. These are not great albums, but they aren't awful albums. They are just not 5 star albums. More like 3 star. If Be Here Now was awarded universal 3 stars then it wouldn't have been slated so dramatically those years later.

I'm sure Alex would think High Violet will be his life changer, but I'm going with American Slang. Fingers crossed.

3. I also watched Mesrine parts 1 & 2 and I implore anyone and everyone to do the same. Blah blah French Goodfellas blah. Not really, just impeccable acting from Vincent Cassel. Probably the world's finest at the moment.

4. Thinking about how to go about getting George and Lynne Explained published. I suppose I need to go to the copyright holders, but I don't want to tell them too much otherwise they could close the website like that. I won't mention the website but send them a couple of examples to see what they think.

5. Having panicked about the prospect of another weekend on my own, it now looks like I'll be doing something Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Praise be the lord.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I varnished myself inside so I can't go out to get food. If only I would allow myself a takeaway I could be eating something nice this evening. Instead I am having sausages in tomato sauce with pasta. Beaucoup de sel, je pense. And three cans of Strongbow.

I have neglected the Hughesie Times blog as it was meant to document the mundane and although what I have been doing recently has been downright dull, it is quite interesting that I'm doing it. So I'm not going to document that.

Was going to write something about a girl, but it would be pointless. I'll vent that to the next person who enquires after my well-being - lucky you!

Monday, April 19, 2010


There are many ways to pass the time but one of the best so far are the specific Tumblr blogs that deal with a certain topic. My favourite at the moment is Comically Vintage which posts panels and covers of old comics which are completely absurd in either their ideas or dialogue.

There also seems to be a lot of spanking by Superman in the 60s, which really must have hurt.