Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can't even remember where I got up to.

Had a great Quaite session on Sunday. A whole script edited and recorded with zero fuss. Just took about 5 hours that's all. Now we see what OR comes up with on the edit. It will be great to see/hear a rough cut.

Got some fortuitous work yesterday. Going to be at Four Four Two magazine for three weeks. JK said to try and get more week for the time in between but I'm looking forward to the time off.

I found out the Jim Fletcher died this morning. Very sad. DR sounded pretty heartbroken as you can imagine. I will be seeing him on Saturday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I've had a weird feeling in my right ear since Sunday. I thought it was an infection but I went to the doctor yesterday and he said it was bunged up behind the ear drum. Hearing's been a bit shit all week but the Sudafed and ear drops seem to be working. If only the bloody ringing would stop. That's 20 years of gigs for you.

Speaking of gigs, went to see Grant Lee Buffalo on Wednesday. Not nearly busy as it should have been. After a slow start, they played a good set culled mainly from the first two albums. I would have loved it if one of the lesser songs was the killer but hands down it was Fuzzy.

I did next to no work today. One spread about the Under 21 Euros and wrote an opener for the Man Utd yearbook. Other than that, just sitting around looking at the internet. Don't tell anyone.

Another Friday in but the weekend looks quite busy so I'm not that bothered. And my ear is still giving me jip.

Moan moan moan.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Went to see the Uncaged Monkeys lecture show last night courtesy of AM. It was almost ruined by the nerd behind us trying to preempt everything that Brian Cox said but thankfully I resisted the opportunity to politely lambast him. If I had it could've ended up with one of two scenarios. Firstly he could have talked back to me and created a scene or, more likely, secondly I could have ruined his evening as he went inside himself. As he was having such a good time I didn't want to ruin his evening.

Anyway, the highlights of the evening were Brian Cox telling us about his favourite photographs, including the Pale Blue Dot and Ben Goldacre being angry.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Got pretty drunk last night - so much so that I have no recollection of how I got home. I must have had enough of my wits to have got to the station and got on the train. I do remember watching the TV when I was home. Strange. Let's just hope I didn't do anything to upset anyone.

Got a haircut yesterday too, and a damn fine one at that. Well done Jeffrey's of Brentford.

In football news I was glad that Man City won the FA Cup, but it was far from a classic final. The bottom of the Premier League is pretty interesting. West Ham could go down today. They need to win but I'd like to see their good players move to bigger clubs. I still want Blackburn to go down but I don't see it happening.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Got paid yesterday which is good but it's not like I was desperate for the money. That said, being that much better off is better than not.

I finished Bird Song. It was good, great in places but the whole 1978 bit was only there to tell us that Stephen ended up marrying Jeanne. Just another way of putting in the post script. I didn't care for the 1970s woman. Why would I? I have now started Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd. Started well and the first page made me jump out of bed to write something down as a note for my second novel - need to finish the first one though.

I jumped back into MSF too. It may just be a reaction to getting dumped but who knows if it will lead anywhere. Despite the amount of women on there I don't actually find that many attractive. But let's face facts, how else am I really going to find someone.

Another Friday night in. Life used to be a lot more dynamic.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This morning at work had very little banter and then this afternoon was laugh aplenty.

On the way home I say adult geese standing watch over their baby geese (goslings?). Nature at work.

The Apprentice was equally as funny as the night before. Not sure why AM is adamantly against it, it's entertainment. They aren't as stupid as that even though they are all wankers. it's cut to make them look as poor as possible.

Been reading the RHCP book I got for my birthday. Interesting to hear Frusciante's side of the story, and it's got me listening to the Peppers again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today I received a receipt, sort of, saying that I have been/will be paid soon. I also have the details for the next two invoices, so I should be in the money soon. Just need to find some more work now.

As soon as I've written this I will watch The Apprentice. I watch it for the wanker competition that it is. You may think these people only exist on the programme, but there are at least two working opposite me.

I decided last night that I'm through with Glee. I was going off it anyway but I sort of stuck with it this year so I had something in common with LP. Now that's over I have no need for it. Might not bother watching The Event too, but Downton Abbey will be watched when it comes back.

I thought my amp had blown last night. I put the mini jack into the computer and there was a bang, then every time I tried to turn the amp on there was a pop. Luckily I unhooked the speakers and then turned it on this morning and it was fine.

Monday, May 09, 2011

It really shouldn't hurt to write a couple of lines about what I've been doing. It's of no interest to anyone, but if machines really are going to take over the world then it's the same as keeping a diary.
I thought work would be slow today but I ended up finishing the report of the England - Ghana game, the blurb about Holland and the report of the England U21 - Iceland game, despite only watching the highlights. Sshh.

I haven't been paid yet for the first month so I sent an email about all that. I need to do a new invoice too.

Music-wise I can't stop listening to both Young The Giant and We Are The Ocean. Best two albums I've heard so far this year. Still reading Bird Song by Sebastian Faulks.

The above photo was found on Tumblr. It's Bill Cosby looking pretty cool.