Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I have so far received the David Hasslehoff valentines email twice. I expect at least one more before the end of the day.

Posting has been slow, due to excessive workload and spending most of my spare time at work trying to sell stuff on eBay. In short, football has been good and I've seen Thrice, Coheed & Cambria, Be Your own Pet and Mew. Be Your Own Pet were the best and their album is great too.

Things I have learned from selling things on eBay:
1. The things you think will sell will probably not.
2. The first release of Radiohead's Creep on CD is currently worth £16 at auction price.
3. People know more about eBay than me.

Everyone's asking questions and there's sometimes a mass of bidding 10 minutes before the end. Alien to me.

Tonight I will be watching my friend do Stand up comedy. With his girlfriend. A nice way for her to spend Valentine's day.

Current favourite songs:

The All-American Rejects - Move Along
Josh Rouse - It Looks Like Love
Idiot Pilot - Les Lumieres
65 Days Of Static - Radio Protector