Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Now the holiday has started, there's time to air some grievances.

The programme Something For The Weekend: Jesus Fucking Christ. Actually it's not so much the programme which has an alright format, but the way it's presented. That Tim Lovejoy needs to be shot. He is an arrogant arsehole who gives the impression that he turns up two minutes before the show airs and says 'don't worry about the script. I'm a professional; I'll wing it.' Everything seems half arsed and amateurish. Put some effort in man.

Polo necks: I want a polo neck but I can't find one anywhere. Uniqlo says they have one but not in the shop. And I don't know my size in that shop.

Clothes: Scratch that, let's just put it down to clothes in general. When I want something, it is no longer in any shops. Tried to buy boots today, nothing I like. Well nothing under £80.

My attention span: Why is it so hard to watch something which lasts for more than half an hour? The older I get, the less time I can concentrate.

Free View box: Stop freezing! It takes ages for the guide to come back.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: You're fucked now - without Frusciante your band will slowly go down the pan. Granted, Stadium Arcadium only had one good song, but Californication and By The Way are fantastic, and would be nothing without Frusciante's noodle work and, arguably more importantly, his harmonies.