Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just scanned in all the Leper's Chronicles so that's a reason to get back to work on the Rokkard blog. By god it's been a while.

Bands who had great albums but then really bad albums:

Radiohead - let's be fair, Hail To The Thief is poor, for them.
Rufus Wainwright - After Poses and the Wants he believed his uber-queen hype and put out the tripe that is Release The Stars.
The Used - First album, great. Second album, one good song. Third album, toss.
Weezer - We have hope for the new Red album (especially from the cover) but Make Believe wasn't good.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The question is, does art have to have a message or can it just be for entertainment?

I class all paintings, installations, sculptures, films and music as art. Well, with the latter two, especially the music and film I like. Even films like Batman or Hulk try and give some sort of moral message, or an analogy for modern life. All film directors will try and give a message, and film writers don't just want to make you smile, they want to change your life, or at least make you think.

Also with music, writers and lyricists will take time to tell you something, otherwise they might as well just use a keyboard for the music and sing la la las for the words.

Anyway, I went to an installation at the Serpentine Gallery a couple of months ago. It was essentially different shapes of light with smoke. Although I enjoyed it, I struggled to find any message. But half way through I noticed everyone enjoying it, and at one point my art partner said it was like walking to your death toward the light. 'Was this the message?' I thought. I doubt it. So even though I found no message but it was entertaining.

So why when I went to see Lonesome Jim last night, a film, was I searching for a message too? Films are more likely to be classed as entertainment but I was ultimately disappointed that there was no message? I can be entertained by some light and smoke, but a well written film with great performances and funny moments had me wanting more. Maybe it was just a little lacking that I wanted a message to make it all come together, whereas two of the best films I saw this year, namely There Will Be Blood and Control just came across as complete pieces.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


When you get fired on The Apprentice, do you have to pay for your own cab fare? Because they just seem to order you a cab, and it's a black cab.
Alastair Darling has very dark eyebrows for a silver haired man.
Listen to Yeasayer. In fact, download two songs:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I was at a party on Saturday night and some guys arrived, one of which had his birthday that day. As a sociable fellow I started a conversation (there were about 6 of us in the kitchen, none of whom I knew) and asked which famous people he shared his birthday with.

"Hitler" he replied.

I was furious. How dare he lie and try and up himself by saying he shares a birthday with Hitler, when in fact Hitler has the same birthday as me. I had to take him down a peg or two right there. Hitler is my trump card and I won't have anyone taking it from me.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Here's a question - what would you most like to say to people if there was no repercussions? As we're not living in a Wes Anderson film we can't be completely honest, but if I could say everything in my head, I don't think Iwould say anything as much as (and excuse my language):


Now I'm no luddite; I own a computer (duh), ipod, digital camera, mobile phone and work recently gave me a Blackberry, suckers, and I've taken to it without disdain or even with the qualities of a heroin addict, but I think people on phones have meant they are less likely to look where they are going. Maybe I just look around myself more than the average street walker, but the amount of times someone turns straight into me has increased ten-fold in the last year or so.

I wish I had more examples of this, maybe in the coming weeks as I go about my business.

After that rant here are some good things:

Mad Men

Mystery Jets - Young Love

The South Park internet stars battle - I never saw or heard of Chocolate Rain before this.

Panic At The Disco - Northern Downpour

The prospect of seeing Shawn Smith and Death Cab For Cutie (not together)

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

The music on this blog - Headfonehaus

And I'm sure blogger will screw up the spacing again.