Friday, November 11, 2005


Now my camera is running out of batteries and the charger is in a box somewhere in a hole in a building in Hanwell. Not that it really matters, I'm still too scared to take it to gigs in case a burly bouncer has an issue with it.

Gigs I didn't take my camera to: Hard-Fi, Sigur Ros, Johnathan Rice, My Chemical Romance.

Gigs I won't take my camera to due to low battery: Nada Surf, Alkaline Trio, Elbow and whatever else I'll go to before I move (which is close too).

I need a haircut but I'm too scared.

Football you ask? Well on a windy wet afternoon in Northolt we crushed some tigers 9-0. Ha ha. 'We'd thrash them on a decent surface' we heard them murmur. It's a pity they booked the fucking pitch in the arse end of nowhere then.

When are Hope Of The States coming back?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Ok, the posts have been a bit slack of late. Where did we get to beforehand? I think the season was going well. Then we had to change the goalkeeper for a game on hard astroturf (old style turf with sand not the new stuff with little rubber bits). The oppositions resident no toothed nutter got sent off and we won 3-1 (I think). Goalscorers pass me by.


Because the goalkeeper, apparently, played so well, he was allowed (allowed? I didn't want to play in goal) to keep his place. We had a nightmare and lost 4-1.


The next game I didn't play as I injured my back somehow. So I sat it out and we lost 4-2. Team to be posted when I can be bothered.

The dressing room was a sorry place to be. Heads were low and there was talk of extra training. This will not materialise.

Currently I am lodging so I can't get the pictures off my camera. But believe me, when I do you will see remarkable photos of the many rock and pop concerts I go to like this:

And I'll post more because work is shit.